Sulphuric Acid 98% (Commercial Grade)

Sulphuric Acid 98% (H2SO4)


Appearance: Clear Colorless liquid
Sp Gravity at 300C: 1.84
Molecular weight: 98.08
Boiling point: 3400C


Purity (as H2SO4): 98.0% min
Iron (as Fe): 0.05% max
Residue on ignition: 0.02% max
Lead (as Pb): 0.005% max
Arsenic (as As): 0.004% max


Sulphuric acid is and important reagent in a large number of processes. Among the many uses, some of the major applications are as below

Catalyst and dehydrating agent in many organic chemical manufacturing and petrochemical processes.
In the manufacturing of detergents
In the manufacturing of titanium dioxide ( a widely used white pigment ), and other dyes and pigments.
In the manufacturing of fertilizers mainly phosphates but also zinc, ammonium and potassium sulphates
In the manufacturing process for a range of plastics.
Metal processing such as pickling and de-scaling of steel, and non-ferrous metal plating and purification.

Some of its other uses includes:

Drug production via sulphonation, manufacturing of food acids ( citric and lactic acid ) and edible oils, Adhesives, Explosives, Synthetic rubber, water and effluent treatment, chlorine drying, wood pulping, leather tanning, batteries etc.

Dangers and Precautions for Handling Product:

Toxic, Causes severe damage to eyes, skin & air passage
Reaction with moist air produces mist, which has severe irritant effect on eyes, skin & air passage
Store the material in stainless steel or HM HDPE containers. Avoid contact with moisture
Fire risk in contact with organic substances.


ISO tanks, tanker load, 35 / 50 / 300 kgs HMHDPE can / drums.



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