Diethyl Sulphate (DES)

Diethyl Sulphate (DES)
CAS# 64-67-5

Diethyl Sulphate is an ethylating agent having applications in the dyestuff, pharmaceutical and flavour synthesis industry. It is a non-inflammable ethylating agent used in the manufacture of Aliphatic Ethers, Amines and Esters.


In road tankers.
In mild steel heavy duty drums.
In HMHDPE heavy duty drums.
Diethyl Sulphate is also available in HDPE carboys.
For exports: in U.N. approved drums upon request.
In ISO tanks as per international specifications for bulk requirements.


Molecular Formula: (C2H5)2SO4
Molecular Weight: 154.18
Description: A clear colorless, odorless liquid.
Assay: 99.5% (min).
Acidity: 0.03% (max)
Moisture content by KF: 0.1% (max)
Boiling Point: 2080C with decomposition.
Solubility: Soluble in Alcohol and Ether.
Freezing Point: -24.50C
Flash Point: 1210C (open cup)

Import Classification:

IMCO Page No. 6130
U. N. No. 1594
IMCO 6.1



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