Dimethyl Sulphate (DMS)

Dimethyl Sulphate (DMS)
CAS# 77-78-1

Dimethyl Sulphate is a versatile chemical and is one of the most efficient methylating agent for many organic chemicals and an important raw material for the dyestuff, pharmaceuticals and aromatics industry. We are the pioneer manufacturers on Dimethyl Sulphate in India and are one of the largest suppliers of this product to various industries in many countries.. Every stage of manufacturing, packing and quality are strictly controlled by skilled and experienced technical staff.


In road tankers.
In mild steel heavy duty drums.
In HMHDPE heavy duty drums.
For exports: In U.N. approved drums upon request.
In ISO tanks as per international specifications for bulk requirements.


Molecular Formula: C2H6O4S
Molecular Weight: 126.3
Description: A clear colorless, odourless liquid.
Assay: 99.5% (min).
Specific Gravity: 1.323 to 1.330 at 200/200C
Acidity: 0.1% (max).
Boiling Point: 1880C with decomposition
Flash Point: 1210C (open cup)

Import Classification:

IMCO Page No. 6133
U. N. No. 1595
IMCO 6.1



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