N-Ethyl Benzyl Anilines (MEA)

N-Ethyl Benzyl Anilines (MEA)
CAS# 103-69-5

N-Ethyl Aniline is used in the dyes and pigments industry.


In road tankers.
In mild steel heavy duty drums.
In HMHDPE heavy duty drums.
For exports: In U.N. approved drums upon request.
In ISO tanks as per international specifications for bulk requirements.


Molecular Formula: C8H11N
Molecular Weight: 121.18
Description: A light yellow coloured oily liquid.
Assay: 99.6% (min) by G.C.
Specific Gravity: 0.960 to 0.965 at 200/200C.
Moisture Content: 0.1% (max.).
N,N-Diethyl Aniline: 0.5% (max)

Import Classification:

IMCO Page No. 2272
U. N. No. 6144
IMCO 6.1



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