Ether Solvent IP

Ether Solvent IP
CAS# 60-29-7

Ether Anaesthetic has been acclaimed as the safest of all anaesthetic agents. It has been in use for over 300 years and is still unsurpassed in safety and potency for surgical anaesthesia. The ultimate in muscle relaxation is established without unduly disturbing the vital centres. It is regarded as the best, most reliable general anaesthetic when properly administered. Ether Anaesthetic is suitable for the new born infant to the aged and in all operations. The excellent analgesic properties of ether is taken advantage of in obstetrics where it is often used to alleviate pain in the first or second stage of labour. Industrial Solvents & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. are the largest manufacturers of Ethers in India with over 40 years experience in this field. The product is manufactured in our modern, well- equipped factory by a patented process and improved and perfected by us through years of constant research.


Ether Solvent IP

Description: Clear, colourless, very mobile liquid, odour, characteristic, highly flammable
Solubility: Soluble in water, miscible with ethanol (95%) with chloroform, with benzene.
Foreign Odour: To pass I.P. Test
Peroxides: To pass I.P. Test
Relative Density: Between 0.714 to 0.716 at 20°C
Acidity: To pass I.P. Test
Boiling Range: Between 34°C - 35°C
Acetone & Aldehydes: To pass I.P. Test
Methanol: Should be absent
Non Volatile Matter: Max. 0.003% w/v
Water: Max. 0.2% w/v
Purity by GC: Min. 99.5% w/w
Stabiliser: Max. 0.002% w/v



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