Sulphuric Acid 98% (Battery Grade)

Chemical Formula : (H2SO4)


Appearance: Clear Colorless liquid
Sp Gravity at 300C: 1.84
Molecular weight: 98.08
Boiling point: 3400C


Purity (as H2SO4): 98.0% min
Turbidity: 10 NTU max
Iron (as Fe): 10 ppm max
Residue on ignition: 0.06% max
Lead (as Pb): 0.005% max
Chloride (as Cl): 0.001% max
Selenium (as Se): 0.002% max
Manganese (as Mn): 0.0001% max
Copper (as Cu): 0.003% max
Zinc (as Zn): 0.003% max
Oxidisable impurities (as SO2): 0.02% max
Nitrates, Nitrites & Ammonia as (N): 0.003% max


As battery acid
For manufacturing of specialty chemicals
Drugs & drug intermediates
Food grade color, dyes & chemicals

Dangers and Precautions for Handling Product:

Causes severe damage to eyes, skin & air passage
Reaction with moist air produces mist, which has severe irritant effect on eyes, skin & air passage
Store the material in stainless steel or HM HDPE containers. Avoid contact with moisture
Fire risk in contact with organic substances.


ISO tanks, tanker load, 35 / 50 / 300 kgs HMHDPE can / drums



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