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ISCPL Alkylated Anilines - Ethyl Benzyl Aniline
  ISCPL Product Alkylated Anilines  
  ISCPL Alkylated Anilines- Ethyl Benzyl Aniline (EBA)
Ethyl Benzyl Anilne is a very specialised Intermediate used in the manufacture of Dyestuffs in particular disperse dyes, TPM Acid Dyes and TPM Azo Dyes. The product is as per International Standard and has found wide acceptance in all industries.
  ISCPL Alkylated Anilines- EBA Packing
  1. In mild steel heavy duty drums.
  2. In HMHDPE heavy duty drums.
  3. For exports: In U.N. approved drums upon request.
  4. In Iso tanks as per international specifications for bulk requirements.
  ISCPL Alkylated Anilines- EBA Specifications
Molecular Formula C15H17N
Molecular Weight 211.29
  Description A clear light yellow colored oily liquid, darkens on exposure to light or air.
  Assay 99.5% (min) by G.C.
  Specific Gravity 1.033 to 1.034 at 20 oC/20 oC.
  Benzylaniline 0.1% (max.) by G.C.
  Flash Point + 157 oC
  ISCPL Alkylated Anilines- EBA Import Classification
  IMDG Page No. 6145
  U. N. No. 2274
  IMCO 6.1